I've had a database for my alts for a while, mostly because I like numbers, pulled off the spreadsheet I was using to assign mounts.  Because with 200+ mount options and a max of 50 characters, there's no way I'm going to be using all of them.  (That's okay; taurens get striders; gnomes get kodos; it's all good.)

Anywho, @wowcynwise was talking today on Twitter about hours played vs. how competent one feels with one's alts, and it made me wonder how levels:hours compared on my alts.  I had put levels into the database, but not hours, because the latter changes much more frequently than the former.

This is how adding hours in turned out:

Class Count(Class) Sum(tLevel) Sum(Hours)
hunter 12 543 11227
priest 6 270 1887
warrior 5 168 757
death knight 2 143 87
warlock 4 130 460
paladin 2 125 366
shaman 3 96 695
druid 2 95 169
rogue 1 90 1524
mage 5 82 59
monk 2 18 6

For the most part total levels and hours played parallel each other, but there are a few noticeable exceptions.  Death knights get a big level bump from the free 55 levels.  My lone rogue is, yes, 90, but the bulk of her hours played are from vanilla WoW.  My shaman's hours played gets a similar bump from doing her initial leveling in vanilla and the Burning Crusade.

This only includes extant characters, since I keep my Altoholic pruned when I delete alts, but I think the highest level character I've deleted was a level 20 druid, excluding death knights that hadn't yet left their starting zone.  (Prior to getting my Minfernal I had been checking out the low-population PVP servers.  Ahem.)

Regarding how comfortable I feel with the classes versus their time played, the main exception to the order above is paladins.  I haven't really played my paladins since Cataclysm, and some of their mechanics changed significantly since then.

I think it's pretty clear why I named the blog what I did, though.  All of those hunters (well, besides the level 6 one) are marksman.

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