Durumu's Maze

I'm going to tell you something for which you can hate me:  Durumu is my favorite boss in Throne of Thunder.  One of the things I'm good at is situational awareness, so I notice a lot of the visual cues for the fight.  For example, when the red, yellow, and blue beams first pop out, circles of the corresponding color flash where the three mist beasts are.  You can save yourself a lot of running as one of the beams if you notice where they are.

What kills most people, though, is Durumu's maze.  When Durumu pre-casts his disintegration beam, it will always be pointed at the entrance of the wing, so if you remember where you came in, that's where he'll be facing.  If at all possible, immediately move to stand behind him at this point, where the blue circle is on the first graphic:

Durumu's disintegration beam precast; the eye beam points down towards the entrance, and red arrows point to either side where the maze will start forming.  A blue circle above him shows where you should stand to start.
Durumu's disintegration beam pre-cast
The maze will start forming on either side of him.  It is important to note which side the maze starts forming on to minimize the damage you take during this phase.  He won't start moving the beam until the floor has filled with fog, so you have a bit of time to get in position.  The following two graphics are laid out for if the maze starts forming on Durumu's right; if it starts forming on his left, just flip the following two images.
Illustration of the maze beginning to form; Durumu still faces the entrance; a purple cone of fog forms on one side, then moves to fill the floor in a circle moving behind him.  The raid should move in the opposite direction the fog starts forming.
The maze beginning to form
When the maze begins to form, a purple cone of fog will appear on the floor to one side of Durumu, at a 90-degree angle to the disintegration beam precast.  The fog will then begin filling the floor, moving in a circle around the room.  Regardless of which side it starts on, it will go in the direction which moves away from the beam pre-cast and behind Durumu.  So, as shown above, it it forms on Durumu's right (illustration left), it will move clockwise around the room.

In this case, the raid will move counterclockwise to get in front of where the maze fog began forming.  Never run through the beam pre-cast.  This will kill you.  Ideally you will be somewhere behind Durumu when he begins forming the maze, and you can just run through a bit of fog to get to the starting point.

Once the floor fills with purple fog, the maze will start forming.

Graphic showing the paths of the maze beginning to form
Moving through the maze
The path for the maze will not open up all at once, but will open up in three paths as Durumu rotates the disintegration beam.  Basically, the floor is divided into six concentric rings; the inner (melee) path uses the two inner rings, and will zigzag its path between the two.  The middle path uses the third and fourth rings, and the outer path uses the fifth and sixth rings.  Avoid the outer path unless you have speed boosts, because the disintegration beam will move faster than you can run otherwise.

The maze path will move in the direction the maze formed, so if it formed going clockwise, you need to run clockwise.  Whichever way the maze fog filled in is also the direction the beam is going to move.  You must stay ahead of the disintegration beam, or you will die.

The full maze won't spawn at once, so you'll just want to stay at the furthest extent of your currently spawned path.  Try to avoid any puddles left from the lingering gaze attack.  If you need to, in the LFR difficulty, you can cut over to a closer path to stay ahead of the beam.  Just don't do this too often, or the fog of the maze will kill you.

Remember, the maze's fog can spawn on either side of Durumu initially, and the side it spawns on determines the direction you run.