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Beta Adventures, Part 4

This is Part 4 because I didn't write anything for my level 3 undead hunter (stupid missing quest mob), my premade level 85 *cough* blood elf *cough* hunter (it was my only Horde race choice at the time), or Dusk's flying tour of Uldum (cat people! camels!) after I was able to transfer her.

So we're beginning now with my flight up to Hyjal (awesome scripting on the first flight in) and my adventures in archaeology.


The pet bar is currently letting me change all 10

Why the **** am I wearing my tabard of the explorer on the loading screen? It's not the one I had on!

Anyway, the pet bar is letting me change all 10 buttons around.

Oh, hey, Mabs is transferred over. (Logging in.)




Crashing in?


Hm, many of my old keys are gone. This saddens me.

I've learned already that the epic quiver from the Molten Core Leaf quest chain becomes a 24 slot bag. It looks like the other quivers are maintaining their bag size (although I didn't have a 28 slot quiver made for testing).

Tenuous Dreadstones all become Glinting Dreadstones (Agility + Hit Rating).

Anywho, back to Duskhawk.

Pet talents seem to be unlearning every time I log.

(Waiting to see if I crash again. Looking likely.)


More Night Elf artifacts.

Huh, my bear can "rest" now.

Farming thorium is less painful with flying. Not that I can do anything with it, since engineering is Not Yet Implemented. /sigh

Dancing Troll Village: now with Alliance quests? o.O

Holy God, Darkshore is visually *much* more interesting. Chasms, whirlpools, vortices... Twilight Drakes? Huh.

Tree branches are still 2D, heh.

... Bear is going to sleep every time we enter combat. /Turns off Rest's autocast.

Dig sites seem to have about 3 artifact spots per site so far.

Hey, Fishing works. Just had to retrain it... like everything else. o.O

Flight paths have definitely been reworked.

You know, I got on the boat to Vashj'ir, but after hearing the speech, I'm not sure I'm still interested.

On the other hand, I kind of like Vashj'ir itself.

Huh. The crossbow off Lich King 10 has higher damage than the heroic Njorndar Bone Bow.

Lol, a Gollum quote.

And another crash.

/deletes caches

Teehee, schools of undead fishes.

Hm, I can smelt obsidian with no forge. I guess I'm gluing glass shards together?

Giant sea serpents!

Huh, a JC pattern.

Did I mention that every time I zone, my pet's talents reset?

Ooo, a fox.

Hey, Tirion. You seem shorter.

Oh, hi, Alexstrasza. Fancy meeting you here!


Damn, I can't mine Elementium yet.

I can't queue for any Wrath dungeons. >.> I haven't 'found' them.

Take these orbs and make snake tornadoes!

Much crashing. Almost 82. Off to fill a spot in ICC25 on (undergeared) Duskmoon for two fights.


Undergeared, sure

So Mabs hit 80 on Thursday, 5 minutes before I had to log over to Duskhawk for Icecrown-25. The guild she's in took her along to Trial of the Crusader-25 today to fill an otherwise empty slot.

Mabs is wearing mostly leatherworking blues. So, yeah, her DPS wasn't spectacular - mostly around 2k, somewhere up over 3k on the Twin Val'kyr thanks to empowerments - but I at least know how not to die.

What I do find interesting is that at that level of gear, Dusk was doing about 1300 DPS in Naxxramas. It's interesting to see how much better player I am now than I was about a year and a half ago.

We didn't get Anub'arak (the perils of an alt raid), but afterwards I was able to get the T9 shoulders for her. Not that I could find a Tenuous Dreadstone for them over there (on the Alliance side).

It may take some time to spread the Agi/mp5 gospel before Cataclysm rewrites the book.


Because my husband is awesome.

A guildie ran 1.5 Shattered Halls/Heroic Shattered Halls with me to get Thrallmar exalted, and then we went and hit up Old Hillsbrad for a hat (we couldn't find him o.O) and Keepers of Time rep.

My husband went along for OHB just to help, and when I asked him to make me some arrows, he traded this back with it.