We've been hacking away at the Stone Guard for a while, killing them the first time two lockouts ago, and again last night (this time with chains up!).  Feng will fall soon - probably this week or next.

I've been raiding as Beast Mastery since 5.0 went in, but with 5.1's last minute buff to Aspect of the Hawk and the change to allow Steady and Cobra Shots to be cast on the run, I went back to Marksman last night.  The change is good!  I'm posting decent numbers (for me) and finally not feeling like a deadweight.

I'm switching back and forth between Spirit Bond and Iron Hawk for soloing/raiding, as well as between Barrage and Glaive Toss.  I shouldn't love Barrage as much as I do, given how much it tries to get me killed, but let's face it:  40 yard range, hits everything in front of me?  It just makes some of the dailies go so much faster.  On the other hand, I don't dare bring it into an instance, because I don't know what it's going to pull.  (Also, randomly accidentally killing critters that may or may not be capturable battle pets... ;_;)

I'm not sure if I'm going to push to finish reputations first, to hit 150 mounts, or if I'm going to hit up the old raids for the battle pets contained therein, but so far 5.1 has been good for me.

PS: cloth heirloom panda is creepy:

Those eyes!


Battle Pet Theme Teams

My initial pet battle team was formed a bit haphazardly; I had played around with it on the beta (for about three days exclusively), and from that I knew that mechanicals were strong against beasts, beasts against critters, and for most of my early fights, the third pet was going to suck if it was something else.  So my initial team looks like:
There wasn't really any rhyme or reason other than that Mr. Grubbs is my favorite pet; Bolts seemed good as an engineer, and the random third pet is strong vs. aquatics, and I keep running into Toads.

Beta Team
But, as I've been assembling themed stables for Stampede (Aesop for Dusk, undead for my Forsaken, August Celestials when my Pandaren is higher level... and I'm not sure yet what for the other two), I've also been thinking about some themed secondary and tertiary pet battle teams, preferably ones that don't use two of the same pet.

I can't do all of these (I'm missing a handful), but I can do most:

Aesop again:
  • Jade Crane Chick
  • Fox Kit
  • Gilnean Raven
Watership Down:
  • Spirit of Summer (Frith)
  • Rabbit (El-ahrairah or Thlayli)
  • Sea Gull (Keehar)
Valley of the Four Winds:
  • Black Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Feral Vermling
August Celestials:
  • Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
  • Jade Crane Chick
  • Winterspring Cub
Obscure Star Trek:
  • Shimmershell Snail
  • Bombay Cat
  • Fishy
Jungle Book:
  • Panther Cub (Bagheera)
  • Dun Morogh Cub (Baloo)
  • Emerald Boa (Kaa)
Rudolph/Island of Misfit Toys 1
  • Winter Reindeer (Rudolph)
  • Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (The Abominable Snowman)
  • Father Winter's Helper (Hermey the Misfit Elf)
Rudolph/Island of Misfit Toys 2
  • Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (Spotted Elephant)
  • Guardian Cub (King Moonracer)
  • Tiny Snowman (Sam the Snowman)


Cataclysmic Ladies

There are a handful of female NPCs I enjoyed questing with or around during Cataclysm; some of them will fade into the background now that we've moved on to the Mists of Pandaria, but I'm hoping we get to see some of them again.  (Especially Lorna, because Lorna is cool.)

The ladies:

Lorna Crowley - We first meet Lorna during the initial battle for Gilneas, when she saves your nascent Gilnean from death at the hands of a worgen.  We see her consistently through the zone, assisting in or leading efforts to combat the ravaging worgens, helping flee the flooding from the Cataclysm, and fighting the invading Forsaken armies.  (I have to say - one of the things that impressed me when I first played through Gilneas in the beta was that there is a distinct moment in the starting quests when the Cataclysm happens.)  Lorna is often seen toting what is one of the prettiest gun models in the game.  Eventually she trades in her rose for armor, and when we last see her (for now, I'm sure), she's going back into Gilneas with her father to continue the resistance against the Forsaken.

Matoclaw - Matoclaw is basically the organizer who makes sure the rivets are ordered and arrive on time to make the invasion of the Firelands happen, on schedule.  Her quests all basically revolve around making sure the supplies and people get where they're supposed to be and do what they're supposed to do.  I think of her kind of as the Pepper Potts of Firelands:  Malfurion and Hamuul are calling the shots, but she makes it all work.

Fiona - Fiona drives a caravan around the Eastern Plaguelands, ferrying members of the Horde and Alliance and the Argent Dawn alike.  She takes the responsibility for her charges very seriously, and when push comes to shove, she carries a sweet-looking rifle (same model as Lorna's, actually - must be a Gilnean make) to take care of trouble.

Zaela, Garona, and Lady Cozwynn - Zaela starts out in Twilight Highlands as an opposition leader amongst the Dragonmaw, and you help her become their Warlord.  Garona is much older than Cataclysm in terms of lore, but you meet her in the Twilight Highlands and help her fight Cho'gall and his cultists there.  Lady Cozwynn helps coordinate the assault on the Twilight cultists in the Highlands.  Taken together, though, these three ladies are your support for taking on Skullcrusher the Mountain.  (The Alliance are stuck with three guys.  Much less awesome.)  When the three were assembled together, I had a FFX-2 flashback.


I'm a marksman hunter, yeah?  I have been for what, 7.5 years now?

And since the 5.0 patch, I've been doing raids and dungeons as beast mastery.  *shudder*

The results were pretty marked: an 8-10k increase in DPS on Zon'ozz probably says a lot at just how bad I am at marksman sometimes, especially when I'm macroless as BM and have been running with a cast sequence macro on MM.

It also suggests that maybe it's time for me to try running without the macro as MM and see how that goes, as well.  I really like Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot, and I miss them - especially Chimera Shot - in the BM spec.  I could get a self-heal through talents, but it's not the same - it's really just one more thing to cram onto my bars somewhere.  Sure, there's a trap pull-out now, but that's not particularly handy for keybinds.

On the BM front, I've picked up one of the gorgeous green cranes (Lucius) and a black goat (Aurelius - there is a pun there, but it's not really explainable outside my marriage).  They're not exotic pets, but they're pets.  I have four exotics at the moment - Skoll, a devilsaur, a worm (named Larry, because he just seemed like a Larry), and the cat from Hyjal that I'm probably going to dump because I really don't care about it and it's taking up space.  I kinda just tamed it because it was there while I was getting tokens to try for a scorchling.  The devilsaur is pretty, but he may get axed, as well.

In other news:  I spent the first... day and a half? of Mists doing pet battles to get to 250 pets.  Then I finally went off to leveling.  I'm up to 88, and I've discovered that Stampede will just make extra copies of pets if your 5 active slots aren't full.  (Good to know if you want to keep an empty slot to tame something pretty.)

Professions have been much less painful to skill up, other than the Spirit of Harmony requirements for damn near everything I actually want to make.  The engineering pet takes two - two - when you can make the inscription pets for some paper and ink.  I've gotten inscription, engineering, and alchemy maxed, and enchanting and blacksmithing are close.  Jewelcrafting is also close and is currently restricted mostly by my lack of blue gems to bump it up the rest of the way.  I'm not appreciating the inability to mine for gems without a rare-spawn pickaxe.  Cooking is maxed!  Well, the Way of the Oven is maxed.  Working on the others.  Overall, the guild just needs fishing and archaeology to get its heirloom pants.  I've been working some on fishing - it's at ~555 - but got distracted by clearing out the map in Krasarang.  I've caught one rare fish so far, but I'm still a Stranger to Nat Pagle. :(

Despite having played in beta, I'm still impressed by the size of the map and the sheer quantity of stuff to do crammed into it in Mists - the minigames add interesting layers, and the farm makes me want to get all my toons into Valley of the Four Winds.  I need either scallions or leeks for my next recipe. >.<



As the title of this blog probably makes clear, I play Marksman hunters.  Four of them, three of which are 85, and the fourth is 82 and waiting for me to get around to doing Cataclysm zones yet again.  But as I have eight characters at 85 and a slew of lower level characters, it's probably also clear that I play other classes.

Like with hunters, my foray into other classes tends to be specialization specific: I play priests almost exclusively as discipline, for example.  I think my 85 priest has two 5-man runs as shadow... ever.  I've never specialized into Holy.  My warlock (who will likely get bumped up the alt chain due to the 'lock changes in Mists) is exclusively destruction.  My rogue was exclusively subtlety until dual-spec and the simplification of okay assassination damage rotations in Wrath made it possible for me to do more than solo or PVP on her.  My warrior was my most frequent foray into active dual-specializing; I leveled her as fury, but also kept up with her prot spec (which I love to pieces).  My shaman has an offspec (right now it's enhancement, though for a period in Burning Crusade it was resto), but she hasn't actually queued as anything but elemental in probably three years.

For the most part I do okay with these alts.  My priest has done 6/8 of Dragon Soul 10, somehow missing a random boss in each half, but having killed Deathwing.  I healed extensively with her at 70, gearing her out as well as Duskhawk through both Karazhan and whatever we were calling Justice/Valor points back then.  My warrior (whom y'all have seen in her shiny new transmogrification recently) can tank the new five-mans okay when I get up the nerve to queue into them, and my baby warrior is being leveled prot and doing random dungeons exclusively as a tank - I haven't even given her a DPS offspec.  (Prot AOE with Blood & Thunder, Cleave, and Victory Rush is a surprisingly satisfying way to level if you can find areas dense enough to pull enough mobs at the same time.)  I haven't done as much with my rogue recently, but I very much enjoyed 2v2 with my brother's rogue way back in the day, as well as Extreme Herb Farming (AKA getting exalted with Sporeggar via solo herbing trips in Underbog).  My warlock is... complicated as destro right now, but I think I'm getting a feel for it again.  She's got my transmutation alchemy, and I like her more as a goblin than when she was a blood elf.  My shaman I've taken through raid finder and gotten geared about equally to my priest - spammable chain lightning is awesome.

Those are the alts I'm at least marginally good at.  Combined with my hunters, that's six of ten classes.  The remainders (death knight, druid, mage, and paladin) I haven't gotten to level cap.  Even with all my baby alts, the ones I play the most are the priests (discipline, one of each faction, both in Northrend) and my warrior, who's in the upper 40s right now.  I like priest healing, and the queues for both the priests and the baby prot warrior are generally fast and painless.  That doesn't help with the "expand my horizons" kind of stuff I figured I would do prior to Mists, though.

Now, I've got one of each of the others.  I actually have a crapload of level 5ish mages, mostly gnomes, mostly with the same name.  I finally made myself get one further, so I have a draenei fire mage in the mid-20s.  She has portals!  And I know crap about fire.  My husband plays a mage at level cap, so I theoretically have someone around I could ask for help, except he plays the two other specs: arcane for PVE and frost for PVP.  Let's face it; I like to burn stuff.  This is why my warlock is destro.  I'm looking forward to Hot Streak, when I can cut out Arcane Missiles and spend more time with Pyroblast.  But really - I have no idea what I'm doing.  I push buttons, fire happens, and maybe I'm doing okay?  It's hard to gauge if I'm doing okay DPS at my level when I don't have heirlooms on the server she's on, and most of the other DPS I random into groups with do.  I'm having fun with her, which is the important part, but I don't want to be a burden on a group (or kicked) if I'm not pulling my weight and just don't realize it.

I tried playing a death knight back when they first came out, and it wasn't too bad; I just got bored with it. I made a new one a couple months ago to try to see if it's any better now in terms of "got bored with it" - and I'm not sure, because the specs and rotations don't really readily present themselves.  I have a bunch of buttons, and they do stuff, but I don't know which strikes to use in which spec.  She's unholy mostly because I find the ghoul names amusing.  She's also already acting as a bank, at 58.

I have a different but similar problem with my druid.  She's 15, currently feral, and which abilities she's supposed to use are obvious.  I just can't seem to get into playing her.  Maybe it's the zone - I started her as a worgen, so at this point she's been dumped into Darkshore, and really, after hearthing to Auberdine for the entirety of my Vanilla Alliance career, Darkshore is painful for me.  I spent a lot of time there, and the places and NPCs that I was familiar with are dead and destroyed.  Maybe if I take her over to Westfall the environment won't be so discouraging to getting to know her.

I've got two paladins.  One is my original Vanilla paladin, still in her 40s, who was shuffled around servers when transfers were free from overcrowding.  The other is my relatively new Tauren paladin, who is about 72.  I've been playing them as retribution, because ret is relatively easy, the buttons you push are pretty straightforward, and stuff dies.  I've gotten to the point that I'm not sure I'm doing ret right in groups, though; I'm pretty sure I should be doing better DPS, but I'm not sure how.  So I got them both some intellect plate (a challenge in both level brackets, surprisingly - and intellect plate heirlooms, at least from Justice Points, seem to be... lacking) and gave them holy off-specs, and... Oh, my God, I have no idea what any of these buttons or procs in holy mean.  I heal on three priests, right?  I push buttons, heals and bubbles happen, and I'm pretty good at keeping my mana bar at least half full for most of a dungeon, unless the tank or DPS are crazy and pull all the things.  But on the paladin?  I haven't really figured out her mana management.  I looked at some forum posts, and it seems to be a matter of picking efficient spells, using spells I don't have yet at that level, and judging with Insight.  But just reading spell tooltips and talents, I'm really not sure.

So yeah, there's four classes that I haven't played much, and at this point I think I've figured out why:  they're not intuitive for me.  Whether this is a deficiency of me or of the class or spec in question, I'm not sure.  My guild's death knight contingent, which had been pretty strong in Wrath even after the novelty wore off, has been more or less decimated in Cataclysm.  We don't have any death knights raiding regularly with us, and the ones that sometimes do are alts.  If I'm going to play her at all, I think I'm going to have to look up what each spec uses just so I can figure out how to get started with her.  We still have some dedicated druids; I think in the case of druids, it's really just me.  For some reason they don't click.  Paladins the guild still has in spades, and I think in this case it's a learning curve thing.  I'm going to have to actually sit down and read something to do 5's as a holy paladin, which seems kind of weird after how intuitively I got into discipline healing.  I think for the mage it may just be I picked a bad leveling spec, at least for groups; I'm kind of a slow caster on her still, so stuff tends to die in heirloomed groups before I can get a fireball off on it.

The overall deficiency with these classes probably isn't the classes, really; the problem is that I tend to pick specs that I like conceptually.  I was into Robin Hood and William Tell when I was in... about 4th grade; accuracy and trick shot kind of stuff appealed to me; I went Marksman in Vanilla, and other than occasional stints to tame pretty things, I've never left it.  I like discipline priesting because I like indirect healing, and I like utility, which discipline used to have a bit more of way back when.  I love atonement healing, and it's made leveling as discipline, which I've always done with my priest, so overpowered.  I can handle stuff up to about six or seven levels higher (singly; I've done groups of about six mobs three and four levels higher (accidentally) without dying) before the hit rating glyph for Smite and Holy Fire becomes insufficient.  I rolled my first warrior with the intention of tanking - before I rolled my first Horde hunter, actually.  I didn't actually level her for another two or three years, but smacking stuff in the face with a shield is my favorite part of being a warrior.  I've always loved subtlety's survivability, and getting around without being noticed is my favorite part of being a rogue: cat burgling, in a way, even though it's just an herb or something.  My lock is a pyro (and my void walker always got me killed).  And, well, I mentioned my shaman and chain lightning.

I like the idea of a pyro mage.  I have a chimenea in the back yard, and I like to have fires.  I also picked up grilling recently, because, well, fire.  (First time lighting a charcoal grill: one match. /flex)  Arcane appeals to me for similar reasons that discipline originally did, but the novelty of setting the world on fire with my draenei probably has to wear off first.  Holy was my first spec as a paladin, and I went ret when I picked the class up again... five? years later for the expediency of leveling.  The last time I really played holy, consecration was a talent.  It's changed so drastically since then.  Death knights and druids, though?  I don't really conceptually favor any of their specs - this is probably part of my problem getting into them.

So for now the death knight and druid will probably stay on the bench; since I kind of get the mage, and at least sort of get ret paladins, even if I haven't figured out how to make holy work, I'll probably focus on those two of my un-level-capped classes.


A New (for me) Warrior Transmog

Several weeks ago, after going through a cash-rebuilding spree following my splurge on Poseidus, I found myself awash in thorium and old world gems.  I was flipping through my various crafting books, looking for something that might make me more cash than the raw ore and gems themselves, when I (re)discovered the Enchanted Thorium Plate.  I was something of a completionist on my blacksmith for recipes 300 skill level or lower, so I did a lot of the blacksmithing quests and went through becoming a swordsmith on her.

So a couple weeks pass with me trying to unload the breastplate and pants on the auction house, but unfortunately my blacksmith is on Bronzebeard and not a fashion-conscious RP server.  What did this mean?  My warrior got a new look:

Boots, for a troll, are of course the hardest part, so I'm still using the Shinkicker boots I put on her as soon as transmogrification was put in.  A lot of the rest of the pieces changed, though.

  • Helm:  I keep it hidden, so I haven't bothered.
  • Cloak:  Similarly, I like the clean, no-cloak look on my warrior.
  • ChestEnchanted Thorium Breastplate.  There are some "same model as" options, but none of them have the attacked choker.  I really like the black/gold/steel coloring and the arm detail.
  • LegsEnchanted Thorium Leggings.  I like the color contrast between the leggings and the breastplate; same color scheme, but the black leggings give the set a better look than if the steel were dominate here.  These pants are decidedly low-riders if you forgo a belt.
  • Shoulders: Stormforged Shoulders.  These are a great color match for the Enchanted Thorium look, although they do sharply highlight the improvement in graphics detail between Vanilla WoW and Cataclysm.
  • Feet:  My beloved Shinkicker Boots.  A few other boots still available in the game (Gothic Sabatons, Heavy Lamellar Boots) have the same clean lines, but the color doesn't go quite as well.
  • HandsYmirjar Lord's Handguards.  I was having trouble finding gloves I liked to go with the set, but flipping through my banked items, I found my tier 10 gloves.  The color isn't a perfect match, but the overall look (dark, metallic, with yellow/gold scrollwork) works overall.
  • Wrists:  Since they're hidden by the gloves, I didn't bother transmogrifying the wrists.
  • Waist:  The old-school Belt of Might.  I am loving this belt and finding that it goes with damned near anything I want to dress up my troll in.
  • Shield:  FOR THE HORDE!  Ahem, still the Tyrant's Shield.  (If you follow the link over to WoWhead, I have the pants... if you can call them pants... in that first screenshot in the bank, but opted against having my troll's cheeks free to the wind.  I'm curious now what they'd look like on a tauren.)
  • SwordBlazing Rapier.  The sword, like the gloves, was something I was having trouble finding something I liked that worked through the set.  But, as I mentioned, my blacksmith is a swordsmith, and lo and behold, the Blazing Rapier.  It doesn't show up in the screen-grab from the armory, but if you look at the WoWhead link, you can see that it has its own fire aura.  This was especially awesome because I hate how (the admittedly cheap) Mending glow looked.  (If I can get a weapon of a higher ilvl than 346, I'll put something better on it.)



My beta play has been slowed down by the mind-numbingness that is being asked to chair a search committee at work, and Diablo 3 will probably occupy my attention for a bit.  I'm a Loque'nahak kill from having finished Northern Exposure (Outland rares are being sneakier), and I've made back about 60k of what I spend on Poseidus (and then went and did Haris Pilton's bag achievement, and got a Kirin Tor ring, which was immensely handy).  I may break down and get a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth with account-wide mounts going in, because, let's face it, I can't be an engineer on every toon.  (Mostly due to the ore costs, really.)

So yeah, I've been in tying-up-loose-ends mode in WoW, and D3 isn't going to really change that.  What D3 does have me doing is thinking about the evolution in the complexity in game play in both the Diablo and the WoW worlds.

I mostly played a Rogue in Diablo.  I like playing an archer/ranged class, and you could still learn all the spells if you put enough points into magic.  I put a lot of points into magic.  Fire Wall was my go-to spell for practically everything, and I used Town Portal for extra light.  Yes, extra light.  I had the gamma turned all the way up, and I still needed more light.  The game was pretty simple: you just descend through increasingly lower levels of the dungeon.

Diablo 2, and its expansion, upped both the complexity of the story and the game play: you could enhance items with sockets via gems and runes; each class had unique skill sets and talents (rather than everyone learning the same magic spells); charms could further improve your character; and the game had a distinct storyline that wasn't just "get to the bottom of the dungeon and kill the big demon."  There was some flexibility (I had a stupidly huge amount of fun with a Barbarian dual-wielding throwing knives), and I could get away with things like stacking light radius or Charged Bolt procs on my armor.  (35%+ chance of Charged Bolt proc was a delicious, wonderful thing.)  I played several of the classes (Amazon, Mage, Assassin, Barbarian) that I immediately recognized the influence of when I moved on to WoW down the road.

So now we're looking at Diablo 3, and it's interesting to see just how much the evolution of WoW is influencing it in the same way D2 influenced the classes in WoW.  You can glyph skills to change their utility, and the quests and lore have been much more fleshed out.  The gameplay is a bit more... strategic?  Some skill sets work better for groups, some for single-target, and I've found myself basically trapping and disengaging with my demon hunter to kite bosses or groups around, much in the way I would with my WoW hunter.

Still can't rotate the camera, but I'd imagine that decreases the overall video/data load of the game by having a flat, if animated, canvas to work with.  Going back and forth between D3 and WoW (where I use click to move) is always an adjustment, as well.  (One of these days I'll give in and invert my D3 mouse buttons.)  I had to remap a lot of the default keybindings, as well, since I am a diehard qwasde user for in-combat movement.

Battletags were a nice addition, and through some experimenting with someone who had RealID disabled, but who I'd friended in D3 via battletag, we discovered that you can see someone you have battletag friended in WoW (that they're online, and what server they're on), but you can't see what character they're on, and you can't interact with them via the battletag/RealID communication or party invitation channels.  Also apparently it will tell people when I am in both WoW and D3.  Ahem.

Bottom line: I want Hungering Arrow in WoW. >.>


Beta Mists, 8

Okay, back to the beta!  D&D was canceled tonight, so I have some time to kill.

Which is good, because I'm in the Valley of the Four Winds now, in the area with the Turtles of DOOM.  I think I crashed out... ten times?  About that, to kill five turtles.  Erg.

Macros work if you put an ! in front of spell names.

Krasarang is still closed, but I've found a couple quests that point that way.  I'm gonna guess it's the next zone open.

Hm, looks like another 'you need to kill five things but they're way overfarmed' quests.

New favorite quest!  "Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip."

Fast forward a week:  I spent most of the week disconnecting every five minutes.  It's more stable now, and more zones are open, so yay! more to take pictures of.

Hadrian finally has a spec!  Of course, misdirection is still broken.

I rolled a Pandaren until he puked. o.O

The Jade Witch is finally fixed... and apparently there were more quests after that one that I couldn't get to before.  I guess I'm questing in the Jade Forest again.

Woo, crashed again.

New cave maps!  But, um, the map doesn't actually show up yet.

The Jade Serpent is beautiful!  I'd imagine that, like the green drakes, I'm never actually going to get that color for a mount, though.  (Still waiting on my green drake, dammit.)

Tried Temple of the Jade Serpent; group fell apart.  (Come on, people, it's beta, we're all still learning it. >.<)

But I hit 87 (current level cap), and got Stampede.  Which I can apparently cast while moving.

Valley of the Four Winds has the Tillers faction, which will, among other things, let you have your own little farm mini game, which isn't yet implemented.  Krasarang Wilds has the Anglers, which have fishing poles, a (slowly sinking?) raft, and a water bug mount that lets you walk on water.

Lots of NPCs have little notes (I'm a girl, NEEDS HOE OR RAKE, temp model) that are presumably for the developers, but I find them quite amusing in the meantime.


Database Sites

Wowhead:  A repository of items, quests, spells, NPCs and other information.  The search is spelling-dependent, but the user-submitted comments on items or quests can be extremely helpful.  Includes basic strategies for many raid and dungeon bosses.  Includes a transmogrification set gallery.

Thottbot:  Similar to Wowhead, but with a different interface.

Allakhazam:  Also similar to Wowhead, but with a different interface.

Wowpedia:  A wiki-based encyclopedia of WoW lore, including people, places, histories, and items, as well as game mechanics information.

Wowwiki:  An older wiki, which Wowpedia has, to some degree, replaced; updating is hit or miss.

Battle.net:  Blizzard's official site, including blogs, the Armory (character search), and other official game information.

Moon Guard Wiki:  A wiki created for Moon Guard, a role-playing server, including information useful both to general role-playing and to the Moon Guard community.

Gem & Sockets

Which gems activate which sockets?

  • Red socket: red, orange, purple, prismatic
  • Yellow socket: yellow, orange, green, prismatic
  • Blue socket: blue, green, purple, prismatic
  • Meta socket: meta
  • Cogwheel socket: special cogwheels from engineering vendors

There are no indigo gems.



So I've got beta access, and Diablo 3 beta access, and I've gotten Duskhawk to 86 on the beta.  And what am I doing?

Archaeology on the live realms. >.<

This weekend I checked off Nerubian, Vrykul, Draenei, and Troll completions (I already had Orc done), which means I finished the Blessing of the Old God, the Nifflevar Bearded Axe, the Last Relic of the Argus (the most awesome thing I've gotten from archaeology so far), and, ahem, Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds.

I love the model for Zin'rokh.  I loved it back in Vanilla (not that I ever got it), and it's still one of my favorite sword models.  Surprisingly, the Troll completion was less frustrating than the Draenei one.  Having finished out the Orcs and everything of the Draenei once except the Last Relic, I had to go through thirteen more common item completions to get the Last Relic into my queue.  Zin'rokh?  I was actually trying to whittle down my only half-done list of Dwarf artifacts.  (Dwarf is still 25/31... I keep getting Fossil sites.)  At least the Dwarf artifacts got me to Diggerest.

Tol'vir I know is going to take forever.  I've completed all of the common ones at least once, and none of the rares, and I keep spawning Troll and Night Elf sites.  With my massive number of completed Night Elf commons, Tyrande's Favorite Doll has to be soon, right?  Right?  The Fossilized Raptor has been the same way for me.

I think the archaeology rares were a good idea in theory, but in practice?  Hardly anyone gets them while they're relevant to the current tier of equipment.  The fun items are far more... fun as rares.  Maybe the usable, Binds-to-Account equipment should have been less than epic, but more common, just to make it useful when you find it.


Beta Mists, 7

I've mostly been trying to get through quests in the Jade Forest, but I've run up against a couple buggy ones that I just can't do right now (the Jade Witch and Getting Permission).  I finally hit 86, though, and the Valley of the Four Winds is open, so I headed over there to see what it's got.

So far:
  • OMG huge birds.
  • The cutest little pig farm.
  • New giant lizards.
  • Birds flying around with sacks of grain. o.O
  • Stormstout brewery.
  • The Cliffs of Despair over the KrasarangWilds, and New Taurajo.

Huge birds!
Cute pig farms!
Birds... carrying sacks of grain?
The Stormstout Brewery
The zone itself is pretty: rolling hills, nice trees, quaint little farms.  Oh, and stills.  This is Pandaria, after all, and for the longest time all we knew of them was Chen's Empty Keg.

Pretty trees!
New Taurajo in Krasarang
Whoops, got too far to one side for a screenshot.  Let's see where it ports us.  (Back to the wreck in Jade Forest.)

I haven't seen any quests yet, but that could just be the two bugged quest chains from the Jade Forest keeping me from moving on.  (If so, that's quite annoying:  previous expansions you could move on when you were high enough level for the next zone.)

Running around Jade Forest looking for any extra quests... There are cats that walk on water. o.O
Waterwalking cats

Accidentally ran into the Alliance's allies.  Whoops.  Now PVP + resurrection sickness.  Running on, a rogue sapped me, tried to kill me, but didn't dismount me.  Jump off a cliff into water, feign, camouflage, equip fishing pole that allows water breathing.  Now to just re-camouflage until PVP wears off...

Ended up in an archaeology site, and the fragments are in!  Pandaren's special fragments are oracle bones.  Hm... attacked by an Ancient Haunt after my last Survey, which dropped Mogu fragments.

Oh, hey.  If I go across the bridge into the Valley of the Four Winds, there's a quest.  From Chen Stormstout himself.

Okay, the Virmen are adorable.  Like rat murlocs.



Beta Mists, 6

Oh, look, a patch.  Download was surprisingly fast.

Hey, Hadrian is back to his normal size!  Unfortunately it doesn't look like this means the pet talents are in yet.

The slicky quest in the Jade Forest that wasn't letting me pick up the exploded slickies seems to work now.  There are spinning turtles here.

Whoops, phasing error.  Maybe I have to complete some more quests to make my turn-in person show up.  But now!  Going in search of pets!

Aw, you can't actually collect battle pets yet.  Sorry, Mr. Mouse!

So far, browsing through, a few pets have abilities in.  The Albino Snake, Jubling, Hawk Owl, Nuts, Armadillo Pup, Baby Blizzard Bear, Core Hound Pup, Crimson Whelpling, Mechanical Squirrel, Onyxian Whelpling, Peddlefeet, Strand Crawler, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Willy, Bananas, Gurky, Lil' K.T., Mini Tyrael, Pandaren Monk, Phoenix Hatchling, Spectral Tiger Cub, Stone Armadillo, and Zergling all have abilities, although some of them are obviously test abilities.

Jacob the Test Seagull, with his test abilities
Crimson Whelping - pet abilities
I don't know where Bubbles is acquired, but dude.  Also, the Dimetradon Hatchling appears to have some camera distance issues.  And, dude, the Fetish Shaman?  The otter pup is absolutely adorable.

Fetish shaman
Otter pup

Whoops, flew around, and Hadrian shrunk again.

Checked in at the mining trainer; I really hope Trillium's materials get nerfed down to one of each ore.

First new metal - Ghost Iron

Second new metal - Trillium
Hm, the specialization panes have had their information reduced to just the main spells.  I liked knowing what the specialization spells/abilities were and when you get them.  I also don't know what my mastery ability is - and I have no way of telling what the other specs mastery is without actually respec'ing.  (Feedback submitted on the forum, woo.)

The current incarnation of the specialization pane.

I seem to still have the Master Marksman ability (Steady Shots are still stacking it and proc'ing Fire!), but I can't find anything in my spellbook that tells me I have it.  Oh, wait, there is is!  So I'm still supposed to have it. :)

I went to check my priest's talents, and it's consistently giving me a fatal error.

Logged on the Tauren monk to check what the trainer was like, and, well:

I foresee a lot of new monks falling off the bridge.

Okay, so I went to look at the warlock again, and they've fixed destro's mana regen spell (Chaotic Energy, which is passive), and the new play style is hella fun.  Burning Embers can be used to empower a Soul Fire nuke or to heal - which is helpful, since carrying Burning Embers damages you.  So far I've gotten an 83k Soul Fire, and I don't even know how that compares to live.

Chaotic Energy - Destruction's mana regeneration
Also, there's Fire and Brimstone.  It uses a Burning Ember to splash around Immolate, Incinerate, Conflagrate, or a Curse - so if you're going to need to AOE, save up an Ember for Fire & Brimstone, and then pop your dot/debuff/nuke of choice on the group and then, if needed, you can follow up with Shadowfury or Rain of Fire.  So you could AOE up Curse of Elements or Immolate, both of which will buff your Rain of Fire, or Conflagrate if you just want to daze them, or Incinerate if that's all it will take to kill or mostly kill them.

Fire & Brimstone, sort of like Soulburn just for Destro

Huh, nice little warlock bug.  Shoot keeps trying to turn on, all by itself, even with no wand equipped.  And keeping me from casting Rain of Fire without manually canceling it.  (Added to the bug thread for it.)


Beta Mists, 5: a Warlock note

My warlock is my... I'd say 6th string toon, but hell, I have 3 hunters at 85, so probably more like 8th.  I've always played her as destro, since I liked the "BURN IT ALL" concept of the spec.

I copied over my lock to take screenshots, and I discovered:
  • Soul shards... are no more for Destro; Burning Embers instead
  • I apparently can kill myself without having access to Hellfire now
  • I don't have Hellfire
  • I have a self-heal!
  • I... can bubble? o.O
  • I can Cloak of Shadows, but have to burn health to do it
  • My imp will auto-cleanse me if I'm polymorphed, etc.
  • Warlock talents have some flavor text
  • Banes aren't yet implemented for Destro, so Havoc is NYI
  • No DoTs o.O
Destro's mana is still broken, so I can do about 1 filling of a Burning Ember before I'm dry.

Of names

I play Marksman hunters.  I have three at 85, and my poor Night Elf sitting at 81 waiting for me to get around to leveling her.  (Damn you, beta!)  Being a Marksman hunter, I don't collect Spirit Beasts, and I've mostly just collected some pet looks I like, outside the half-dozen pets I rotate around in my active slots for their buffs.

My very first hunter pet was named, well, "Kitty."  I can be slow about deciding on names sometimes, and in retrospect, it was pretty apt: I tend to refer to a lot of my pets by what they are, rather than their name.  My wolves are invariably "Puppy," all the cats get referred to as "Kitty," and so forth.  That said, I do have some naming conventions, with a few random puns.  Except for Viatrix's, all of my hunters' pets are male.  Some of Viatrix's are.

So, my pets.  (If you can't picture any of the looks, check Petopia.)

Duskhawk (Pets)
  • KitTabik - Mulgore Prarie Wolf.  Dusk's first pet.  Way back when, wolves had a bonus to armor that actually made them okay tanking pets, before the implementation of pet talents.  He's named after an obscure wolf companion in one of my bad high school-era stories.
  • Olin - Dun Morogh Snow Leopard.  I picked up Olin during the Karazhan days, when cats were the top DPS pets for hunters.  I leveled him from level 8 in Terokkar forest on basilisks.  I named him after, ahem, the daemon the Golden Compass daemon quiz thing gave me.
  • Violet - Purple Tallstrider.  During Burning Crusade, they added in the druid flight quests, and at some point the purple tallstriders appeared on an island south of Auchindoun.  One of the guys in my guild whispered me asking if I'd seen them yet, and I immediately had to go tame one.  This was my first, "Where did you get that?!" pet.  I named him Violet because of the color.
  • Hadrian - Black Dun Morogh Bear.  When they added pet talents and the additional pet slots, I picked me up a bear to tank.  I've always preferred the black bears, so I went back to Dun Morogh (where I got Olin) to pick up Hadrian.  I named him after the emperor the wall is named after.  Hadrian is the pet I generally have out while soloing.
  • Coby - Orange & Black Ravager.  During a lot of Wrath of the Lich King, I raided with my wolf for the attack power bonus.  During Cataclysm, with the change in pet buffs, the one our raid leader was asking for most often was 4% increased physical damage taken - which is a ravager or a worm.  Since I don't raid as beast mastery, I eventually went out and picked up a ravager from Hellfire Peninsula.  (My transmog set for Dusk unintentionally matches him.)  He's named after my real-life place of work, because I don't like ravagers, and taming one was "work."
  • Octavian - Winna's Kitten, all growed up.  I LOVE GREEN.  Ahem.  When I found out Winna's Kitten was tamable in Cataclysm, I had to tame him.  I named him after another Roman emperor, despite not being a tank pet.
  • Phil - Green Wind Serpent.  I picked up Phil at some point for the spell power buff.  Apparently one of our guildies is actually named Phil, so when the raid leader asked about a spell power buff pet, and I said, "Sure, let me get Phil out of the stable," there was some confusion. >.>  One of the random male names I picked.
  • Hawkins - Black Fox.  Hawkins was the first fox I tamed on Dusk.  His name is entirely a pun.
  • Asher - Ashtail (Grey Fox).  I was wandering around Loch Modan for archaeology a couple months ago, and Ashtail popped up on my NPC Scan.  Since there wasn't anyone around, I was like, what the hell, why not? and tamed him.  The name is just a play on his given one.
  • Pickles - Cheetah.  "Pickles was a bad cat."  The Firecat was one of my favorite books when I was little, and given 25 stable slots, I picked up a cheetah-skinned cat just to give him this name.
  • (Unnamed Spider) - I've had a couple of random spiders over the course of Cataclysm for PVP purposes; I don't think I've actually named any of them.  This one is a red lava spider from the Molten Front.
  • Chad - Grey Hyena.  I picked up Chad back during Wrath of the Lich King when hyenas had hamstring for PVP.  I used him mostly during the PVP fight in Trial of the Champion.  He's named after my cat that died last year.  (Since, you know, hyenas are more closely related to cats than to dogs...)
  • Clever - Red Raptor.  One of the "omg 25 stable slots" acquisitions, named for - well, it's a raptor.  Do I really have to spell it out?
  • Peredur - Black Boar.  I grew up on a hog farm, and I've always loved Durotar's black boars.  When I rolled a Draenei hunter on another server when my main server was down, she went on a pilgrimage at level 13 to get one.  He's named after Percival, which ties in to the same bad high school-era story KitTabik is from.
  • Zuul - Green Demon Dog.  I love the look of the demon dogs, even though I don't play with him at all.  There is no Dana, only...
  • Harold - Green Turtle.  I picked up Harold as a soloing tank pet for the spell shield.  I don't use him much.  Random male name.
  • Turquoise - Blue Tallstrider.  Once the 25 stable slots went in, I went and picked up the clutch mother.  Named for the color again.
  • Magenta - Pink Tallstrider.  I really don't like pink, but like so many other hunters, once I had the Lovebird and the Mulgore Hatchling, I had to finish the set.  Again, named for the color.
  • Kurtka - Yellow Wasp.  I picked up the wasp for the armor debuff in case we needed it for raiding (we never have).  The name is another pun.  Kurtka is Russian for jacket.
  • Justin - Green Nether Ray.  I mostly ride a green nether ray for my flying pet; I picked up one for a matching set thing.  Random male name.
  • Clarence - Brown Sporebat.  The sporebat was a "just because" taming thing.  Named after the angel in It's a Wonderful Life.
  • (Unnamed Skoll).  I picked up Skoll while looking for the Time-Lost Protodrake.  I haven't decided on a name.
  • Larry - Green Worm.  I picked up the worm even though I don't play beast mastery because of its AOE, just in case I ever needed it.  (Then they buffed Multishot.)  He just seemed like a Larry...
  • Lawrence - Black Devilsaur.  I love the sapphire-blue eyes the black devilsaurs have.  Named after Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

Mabs (Pets)
  • Kitty - Nightsaber (acquired as a level 6 cat).  This is Mabs's original pet.
  • Sobek - Green Crocolisk.  I picked up a crocolisk for Mabs's tanking pet, since I wanted to use different tanks on all my hunters.  Sobek is a crocodile-headed ancient Egyptian god.
  • Max - Old Cliffjumper (Grey Worg).  I like rare skins, and Old Cliffjumper is probably my favorite worg skin.  Max was one of my dogs as a kid, and I name all my dog pets in non-WoW games Max.
  • (Unnamed White Lion).  I picked up Sian-Rotam before the quest was changed, but never named him.

Duskmoon (Pets)
  • Darius - Blue Crab.  Named in the same vein as Hadrian, after ancient-era king, this time Persian rather than Roman.
  • Joshua - Black Wolf.  I like the wolves around the Altar of Zul in the Hinterlands.  Random male name.
  • Thirteen - Red Lynx.  Duskmoon's first pet.  Named after my favorite FF7 character.
  • Patrick - Blue Tallstrider.  The first time I tamed the Clutchmother was on Duskmoon.  Random male name.
  • Philip - Black Crow.  I liked the crows in Howling Fjord; the name was picked randomly.

Viatrix (Pets)
  • Laurel - Black Boar.  I thought I would try something different with my pets on Viatrix and make them female.  Thus her boar is named Laurel.
  • Phoebe - Undead Starting Spider.  I hate spiders.  Hate, hate, hate.  Running across one in the house leaves my skin crawling for hours, even if they never actually touched me.  So when I started my undead hunter and was given a spider pet to deal with, her name ended up a play on "phobia."
  • Molly - Brown Tallstrider.  I figured I'd pick up a tallstrider for her at some point.  Named after one of my brother's cats.
  • (Unnamed Brown Fox).  I got a fox while I was in the Western Plaguelands and never got around to naming it.
  • Llinos - Green Ravager.  Okay, so at level 43 I decided I needed to go pick up a ravager for Viatrix.  I had been running dungeons on her, and... well, yeah.  There's only one place to get ravagers prior to Hellfire Peninsula:  Draenei-land.  Draenei-land, in Cataclysm, is accessible for Horde only from the boats at Rut'theran Village at the foot of Teldrassil.  To get there, without flight paths or a fast flying mount?  You have to go through Stormwind's docks.  At level 43.  I died at least five times before managing to get on the boat (after taking the zeppelin to Grom'gol and running up through Westfall and along the edge of the water up to Stormwind Harbor).  The name is Welsh for greenfinch.  (So... named after the color.)
  • Shelly - Green Demon Dog.  I picked up a demon dog in the Eastern Plaguelands.  Random female name.
  • Eleanor - Green Turtle.  I thought I would try using a turtle tank on Viatrix, but she ended up in the stable.  Random female name.
  • Mara - Black Bear.  I tried a bear on her, too.  Decided to stick with the boar.  Random female name.
  • Daniel - Red Worg.  So once I got up to higher levels, I decided to pick up a wolf for the 5% crit for dungeons.  I'd always liked the red worgs in the Burning Steppes, so I got one.  I forgot I was doing female names on Viatrix, and he ended up with a random male name.
  • Jack - Snow Leopard.  At some point I realized that Viatrix had no cat, and for some groups I preferred to have the Agi/Str buff if it wasn't present.  I realized at 85 I hadn't named him, and in a brief panic, he was named after my new cat.  Then, when swapping out to my wolf, I realized the unintentional correlation. >.<


Beta Mists, 4: Shaman and Priest

Ok, I've been playing Duskhawk in the Jade Forest for a while, so I figured I'd take a look at some of my other toons.  First, my elemental shaman, since I hear totems have gotten serious work.

Elemental Spec
 Shaman talents are interesting.  First tier is defensive, and second is about movement - either rooting or escaping roots.  Third tier is totems - reset cooldowns, refund cooldown if destroyed or replaced early, target them.  Fourth tier is the hard decision - elemental mastery (haste buff) vs. ancestral swiftness (5% passive haste and next nature spell isntant) vs. echo of the elements (like elemental overload, but for any direct damage or healing spell).  Fifth tier is healing focused, with a totem, an atonement copycat on a cooldown, and a healing rain related spell.  Sixth tier (that I can't take yet) is a buff to weapon imbues, turning elemental pets into real pets (albeit on their totem cooldown), and an elemental damage spell.

Shaman Talents

So, without talents, what have I got left for totems?
  • Earth: Tremor Totem, Earth Elemental Totem
  • Fire: Searing Totem, Magma Totem, Fire Elemental Totem
  • Air: Capacitor Totem (AOE stun), Grounding Totem, Stormlash Totem (adds electrical damage to allies' attacks)
  • Water: Healing Stream Totem
Totem bar is gone; you get totem pullouts now.  Not very handy if you need to hit them fast, but with only nine totems without talents, that's not a ton of toolbar space to just put them all on one.  Weapon imbues got a pullout too, which is pretty nice for them.

Elemental loses access to the Healing Waves and Fire Nova.  No more water breathing. :(

Huh.  I just realized that the bank got a recolor.

Some of the elemental glyphs (Lava Burst, Unleashed Lightning) don't really seem enticing.  Telluric currents sounds like it's probably a Resto-focused glyph (reduces damage by 30%, restores 50% of damage done as mana), but we'll see how mana efficiency is for Elemental.

Okay, I'm done running around Orgrimmar; let's go see how the spells look.

Oh, my God.  I just noticed that Shields and Imbues have 1 hour durations.  FINALLY.  But now - Pandaria on the shaman.

The new Lava Surge not only resets your Lava Burst cooldown, it also makes the next one instant.  The best part: you get a graphical notice around your character, like for fulmination, so you know when it procs with less staring at your toolbar.

Mana seems okay for basic questing; Elemental is still nice and bursty.  Haha, one of my new totems aggroed a critter, which ran over to attack me.

Okay, now to check leatherworking...  Oh, hey, it gave me Zen Master Skinner already.  Leatherworking patterns aren't in yet.  Cooking looks to have two skill 500 recipes in - probably so people can catch up their cooking.

Over to my discipline priest.  Last time I tried to look at her was one of the server crashes, so I haven't gotten to do more than glance through her stuff.

Priest tiers are a bit different than the shaman ones; the first tier is about control - fears, roots, mind control.  The second tier is movement - the bubble speed buff, removing movement impairing effects.  Third tier is incomplete, but it's where they've got Archangel and what used to be Surge of Light, which now has a shadow alternate effect; the third option is TBD.  The fourth tier is emergency buttons - instant self heal, health swap, and a proc'd bubble.  The fifth tier has utility abilities; sixth tier has three options for damage or healing abilities, all of which look cool and make me want to get to 90 on my priest just to try out.  Cascade looks like Prayer of Mending on Steroids with a damage alternate; Divine Star is like a boomeranging fire orb that heals or damage; and Halo is like a healing or damaging Blast Nova.

Priest Talents
Like the shaman glyphs, other than Atonement, there aren't a bunch that excite me.  Hunter glyphs were much more fun.  There is, however, an offensive version of the dispel magic glyph - it deals damage when you do an offensive dispel.  Nice for PVP, probably.

On to the priest spells!  Offensive and defensive dispel have been split up - Dispel Magic and Purify.  Purify has Cure Disease rolled into it.  Discipline no longer has Heal, Holy Nova is MIA, and Divine Hymn is Holy-only.  Most of the shadow damage spells have gone over just to Shadow spec, but they left us Mind Sear and Shadow Words Pain and Death.

No tailoring recipes in yet, but hey!  There's some enchanting stuff.  ... and Zen Master Enchanter requires Blacksmithing (500).  [giggles ensue]  They haven't updated graphics for the new enchanting materials - they have Spirit Dust and Mysterious Essences, but the Cataclysm enchanting graphics.  Several of the skill-ups are 2-5 per crafting.  (FINALLY.  I've been leveling an alt enchanter, and some of the levels are so slow to get past.)  The numbers are large, of course (spirit by 200, etc.).

Enchanting - entry recipes in, but a few bugs
Now to go test discipline soloing!  Actually I really just want to see the void tendrils graphic.  You may have notices I also gave my shaman the earthgrab totem; I like RUN AWAY options, since I have been known to get my characters in over their heads.

I like how prevalent flight paths are in the Jade Forest.

Okay, discipline soloing is as nice as always; I accidentally pulled three wasps, and had no trouble with them.  Void tendrals are HUGE!  Hm, Archangel isn't flashing at me anymore when Evangelism hits five stacks.  All those little things I like are still there - Divine Aegis, Train of Thought, etc.

Void Tendrils
No healing attempts yet - too much to do around the house, and I've spent all weekend beta-ing.  But soon!  (I'll try to remember to screenshot the discipline spec next time.)

General Beta Notes

So I've had a couple days to run around in the beta; some stuff is in, some isn't, some is buggy.  A summary:

What's in:
  • Monk class
  • New talents/skills/glyphs (mostly)
  • AOE looting (which is awesome, btw, and I need to test if it works with the loot-a-rang)
  • Quests in the Jade Forest
  • Pandarens and their starting zone
  • New cloth and leather for gathering
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (instance)
  • Some new battle grounds, although I haven't tried them
What isn't in yet:
  • New crafting (or at least, not engineering)
  • Mining and herb nodes
  • Most mobs' loot tables in the Jade Forest
  • Most mobs' correct type (most beasts are humanoid, etc.)
  • Tamable mobs in the Jade Forest
  • Pet talents

What's sort of in, but not quite:
  • Pet battles - the interface is there, though you need to keybind it to see it, but I haven't been able to capture anything new yet.  You can see capturable critters, though, because when you mouse over them, you get a target cursor.
Frequently Asked Questions in the Jade Forest:
  • Portals are buggy and you may need a Rune of Teleportation to use them.
  • Wisdom of the Ages and Jinyu in a Barrel are both buggy and may not work if more than one person tries to do them at a time.  If there's a line, your best bet is to get in it.  There's probably still a chat channel for Jinyu in a Barrel (/riflechat).
  • There are several quest hubs (crash site (Horde), Chun Tian Monastery, Arboretum, the orchards, etc.), but the crash site quests chains you through to making friends with your NPC faction.
  • No flying on Pandaria until level 90.  (The skill is in your spellbook, waiting to be learned.)
  • Premades will need to get a mage to port them to Orgrimmar, or get a Rune of Teleportation from someone to use the portals until they fix them.
  • Currently only the Jade Forest is open, and you can't get to the other zones in Pandaria.
  • Current level cap is 86.
  • Hunter pets are bugged and appear at the size they were tamed.
  • You only have a mainhand and and offhand slot now - no ranged slot.  You can put ranged weapons in your mainhand slot, and if it's a wand, you can use an offhand item with it.
  • Once Nazgrim is at Hellscream's Hope, he's behind the tower.  (He just had an airship crash; cut him some slack.)

Beta Mists, 3

Back in the Jade Forest...

Cliff gilders (wind serpents) currently track as humanoid.

Even on the beta I'm getting questions about where to get my purple tallstrider mount. >.<

Crowded for some quests - a few the phasing is bugged and need to be done one at a time.


Waiting in line for Wisdom of the Ages - took about an hour for the line to get through.

Hey, the right-click > report menu has been expanded - now has name/cheating/spamming/language.  I like!  It'll make reporting offensive names and such so much easier.

The report menu when you right-click on someone's name has been expanded

Yay, done with the line!

Done with Wisdom of the Ages!

Haha, I can summon crows under water.

Ok, now that I'm past the long line and the immediate follow-up, it's time to make brownies.


Beta Mists, 2

I played a monk to level three before creating a beta guild for my guildies who are getting in.

Not being able to scroll out further than the default may cause me some issues; I need to play 'further back' to not get motion sick.

Ok, after some lag/crashing issues, I can finally teleport to panda land!

I, uh.  Pandaren are short.  I mean, sure, I'm a Tauren, but...  OH, that's a Pandaren kid.  The adults are shorter than I expected, but not *that* short.

Pandaran Male

Pandaran Female
Heading out of Dawn's Blossom to the Arboretum

Run around a bit, find some quests to kill wasps and pick up flowers.  Oh, right, my toolbars.  Some stuff is gone (Concussive Shot, Kill Command is out of my spec, etc.), and I haven't bothered to remake macros yet since I don't know what I'm going to need yet.  But I have A Murder of Crows, and it is awesome.

There are some pretty cranes in the Jade Forest, but I can't tame them.  This is just as well; the stable is a little buggy, and I don't want to mess with swapping pets around yet.  The pet talent pane is... gone?  I don't know, I just can't find it.  I'm guessing that's another work in progress.

Pretty green cranes!

The new glyphs are mostly fun!  I put in mostly soloing ones for now (Mending, Misdirect, and improved Mend Pet is now a glyph) since I figure that's what I'm going to be doing.  The Camouflage glyph right now gives you real stealth, which will be tempting later for dungeon soloing type stuff.

Marksmanship specialization
Talent pane
Talbuk models have returned!  Also not tameable.

Poor Hadrian has been shrunk, without even having the glyph in.

Taking lots of pretty pictures - War Serpents, the Temple of the Jade Serpent, the Dawn Bridge.

Approaching the Temple of the Jade Serpent
Guards in the Temple of the Jade Serpent - female Pandaran tails go under the cloak, no clipping
Stairs to the Temple (a little glitchy)
Temple of the Jade Serpent
The Dawn Bridge
There are a bunch of kites suspending lanterns along the bridge
War Serpents
Waterfall from the Dawn Bridge
Temple of the Jade Serpent, seen from the Dawn Bridge
Back in the Arboretum, looking towards the flight path
Serpent trainers
Serpent trainers
Aw, no fishes yet.

Oh, thank God, I found the camera distance slider.

OH MY GOD I KICK STUFF.  Okay, right, so I'm a Tauren hunter.  I have to destroy these statues.  To do so, I KICK THEM.  This is awesome.

Haha, first fatal error.

I keep trying to run out to range, but minimum range is gone. >.>

Lots of fill-up-a-bar quests in the Jade Forest so far.

Bell in Chun Tian Monastery
... High Elder Cloudfall randomly fell over and died.  Um.  It's apparently a known issue in the quest; I guess I'll go find other quests.

The bamboo forest
Hey, nearby available quests show up on my world map now?

Ok, the Jade Forest is kinda crowded, I'm going to go check out the Tauren monk I rolled yesterday.

Hm.  Jabbing stuff to death at level one and two feels slow.  I get roll at level two, and... ok, it doesn't roll yet on Tauren, more like the goblin's rocket jump effect.  But it's got a 0, 1, or 2 on it; I can use it twice and then it has to regen?  But the tooltip doesn't clarify.  Also my starting weapons think they're broken.  (They're not.)

Hm, leveling is just automatically teaching me stuff in the field, no running back to train.  Kinda nice.  Level three got me Tiger Palm (which uses some Chi) and Blackout Kick (which also uses Chi, usable at 35% like an execute).

Monk interface & a gazelle critter that I can't capture yet
Still, I feel kind of weak compared to the other low level toons I've made.  I'm dying a lot more than I usually do, to mobs just a level higher than me.

Hee, another bug that's already been reported.  Tauren monks don't speak Taurahe.

Moon over Mulgore