Beta Mists, 5: a Warlock note

My warlock is my... I'd say 6th string toon, but hell, I have 3 hunters at 85, so probably more like 8th.  I've always played her as destro, since I liked the "BURN IT ALL" concept of the spec.

I copied over my lock to take screenshots, and I discovered:
  • Soul shards... are no more for Destro; Burning Embers instead
  • I apparently can kill myself without having access to Hellfire now
  • I don't have Hellfire
  • I have a self-heal!
  • I... can bubble? o.O
  • I can Cloak of Shadows, but have to burn health to do it
  • My imp will auto-cleanse me if I'm polymorphed, etc.
  • Warlock talents have some flavor text
  • Banes aren't yet implemented for Destro, so Havoc is NYI
  • No DoTs o.O
Destro's mana is still broken, so I can do about 1 filling of a Burning Ember before I'm dry.

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