The Nature of Drop Percentages and Stat Spreads

I've been through Naxx-25's Construct Quarter three times now (with 2 Thaddius kills), Military twice, and Spider, Plague, and FWL once. That's 100 individual loot items, including tokens but excluding trash drops. How many of the pieces I'm interested in have dropped?

None, of course. :P

What am I looking for? This, or this (or this for this, I like both, and they're both upgrades), or this. I'm sure there are other things that are small upgrades in there (like shoulders - I should probably look into shoulders), but those are the pieces I know I can't upgrade elsewhere (yet, anyway).

The bracers in particular I'm not satisfied with the 'equivalent' i-lvl items; I don't like the stat spreads. The 7.5 chest is another piece I don't like the stat spread for. I'd rather keep what I've got than take a piece that's really better for a different spec. Part of it is balancing hit rating - not dropping too low, and such. I would be okay with swapping gems out for crit or AP again if I got a piece with more hit rating, but so many of the potential 'upgrades' would drop my hit rating to the point I'd have to reenchant for it, which would probably result in a net crit or AP loss.


So, ahem...

The baby hunter is now also MM. >.>

And, I can't seem to daze anything in raids, so that plan's out the window.


PTR musings

I haven't been on the 3.1 PTR at all. I haven't felt motivated this time, since the changes aren't as big as the 3.0 PTR (we're not getting two new tiers of talents, and whatnot).

The changes that have been put forth for hunters, though - not the ammo changes, or the pet changes, but the tweaks to the Marksman talents - they're going to require some spec and rotation tweaking.

Why? Daze, Chimera, and Steady Shot.

I'm using a Chimera, Aimed, Arcane, Steady x3 or x4 rotation. I'm looking at this spec. So I'm going to want to switch things up - probably Arcane, Aimed, Chimera, and then my Steady Shots, however many I can squeeze in with Haste. (Three or four.)

This hinges on the changes to Concussive Barrage - Chimera and Multi will have 100% daze chances. PVP change? Oh, no. This is to buff MM hunter's Steady Shot damage in PVE. (Okay, maybe not, but it's how I'm going to use it.) Add onto that the bleed from Piercing Shots which Aimed, Chimera, and Steady will add...

Yeah, bosses are immune to the daze. This rolls Concussive Shot's effect into Chimera and Multi, though - which means you have a multi-target daze. For non-boss situations, this is going to up Steady Shot damage, as well as give a hunter more kiting options.

Oh, right. Who still kites nowadays?


Of baby trolls

I have a baby troll.

She's a fury warrior. (rar!)

Back when I first started playing Horde, I made a bunch of toons, one of each race. I had a Night Elf hunter main at the time, so I made an undead rogue (my Horde main for a long time), a Tauren druid, a troll warrior, and an orc warlock. The warlock was deleted early on, and the account was eventually pared down to two Alliance toons and grew a complement of eight Horde. The druid lasted until the most recent expansion, when I deleted her to make a death knight. (It now stands: Night Elf hunter and priest; undead rogue and priest; Tauren hunter and death knight; blood elf rogue and hunter; troll warrior; orc shaman.)

The baby troll, though, is older than my main, the Tauren hunter. She was sidelined for a long time - I didn't understand warriors at first; stances were confusing. I died too much, so I leveled as protection in defensive stance until I got dual-wield at level twenty. At a later point, after I had switched factions, shelved my undead rogue at level 50 (for nine months!) to make a Tauren hunter, and raided in Molten Core for a while, I finally started to get an idea of how warriors worked. Not through doing - I didn't touch my warrior for a long time, and for a while she spent time as storage space for snowballs and low-level engineering items. No, from hearing the Vent chatter during raids, about how the warriors tanked - stance-dancing for Magmadar, grouping up dog packs, off-tanking Golemagg's dogs.

After the undead priest had been leveled (she was supposed to be a place-holder for a blood elf priest of that name, but I started playing her and liked it too much to wait), I thought, hey, maybe I could level that warrior and fill in for 5-mans as a tank sometimes! So the warrior made it into the 40s.

I had transferred a human paladin off the server when it was free, since I had sunk time and money into her alchemy, and didn't want to 'lose' the investment. (Arcanite transmute! 5g!) And then... I made an orc shaman with the same name. (The irony! Human paladin to orc shaman! Old school battleground rivals!) Anyway, the orc elemental shaman is sitting at 68 now, having taken up what could have been the warrior's turn at leveling.

And now we're in a new expansion. I have a death knight - at 65. But of my 3 Horde 70s, only the hunter has made it to 80. The rogue is 71, the priest 72. The shaman is still 68, and the death knight is only up to 65. But... The rogue's alchemy is at 450. The priest's tailoring is at 415, and her enchanting is at 423. The shaman's leatherworking is at 437. The death knight's inscription is at 410, and of course the hunter's engineering is at 450.

I'm a profession junkie.

The jewelcrafter is a level 34 hunter; the blacksmith? My baby troll. In order to get blacksmithing above 375, the toon has to be at least level 65.

The troll is level 62 now. She's dual-wielding the Warsong Howling Axe from the Blood Furnace, and a white two-handed sword from a vendor at Falcon Watch. (At level 63, I have a pretty "of the beast" green two handed sword.) And her blacksmithing is at 303.

Heroic Naxx

So, this past Thursday I finally went along to the guild's Heroic Naxx run. There were 20 guildies, one former guildie, and 4 PUGs. We went through the first three bosses of the Construct wing (Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth), then pounded our heads on Thaddius a while before giving up for the night.

Saturday, one of the PUGs opened our raid ID up to a bunch of other people. Without asking. Grr.

About 10 of us (from the guild) got asked back in on Sunday night for another crack at Thaddius (the PUG couldn't get him either, lol). Our best attempt got him down to 40k. Every time the raid leader would start talking on vent at the transition time for a polarity shift, I would die. That was two of the attempts, including the 40k attempt. Apparently I can't pay attention to visual cues with audio distractions.

I was pushing 3k-3.1k on all the attempts, generally coming in around 10th, but 6th-8th for overall damage. (Familiar problem as a MM hunter.) (My husband on his elemental shaman was pushing 4.5k-5k DPS and coming in 1st-3rd for both DPS and damage on almost all attempts. Egads.) I would have killed for replenishment, but - no priests of any flavor, no Survival hunters, and no Ret pallies.

I'm still irritated about the raid ID getting stolen, and a lot of the people who were in the PUG run I really don't have any interest in running with again. Hopefully we can keep things all in-guild or with trustworthy friends (like the former guildy, or the nice ladies from DotH) this week.