Heroic Naxx

So, this past Thursday I finally went along to the guild's Heroic Naxx run. There were 20 guildies, one former guildie, and 4 PUGs. We went through the first three bosses of the Construct wing (Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth), then pounded our heads on Thaddius a while before giving up for the night.

Saturday, one of the PUGs opened our raid ID up to a bunch of other people. Without asking. Grr.

About 10 of us (from the guild) got asked back in on Sunday night for another crack at Thaddius (the PUG couldn't get him either, lol). Our best attempt got him down to 40k. Every time the raid leader would start talking on vent at the transition time for a polarity shift, I would die. That was two of the attempts, including the 40k attempt. Apparently I can't pay attention to visual cues with audio distractions.

I was pushing 3k-3.1k on all the attempts, generally coming in around 10th, but 6th-8th for overall damage. (Familiar problem as a MM hunter.) (My husband on his elemental shaman was pushing 4.5k-5k DPS and coming in 1st-3rd for both DPS and damage on almost all attempts. Egads.) I would have killed for replenishment, but - no priests of any flavor, no Survival hunters, and no Ret pallies.

I'm still irritated about the raid ID getting stolen, and a lot of the people who were in the PUG run I really don't have any interest in running with again. Hopefully we can keep things all in-guild or with trustworthy friends (like the former guildy, or the nice ladies from DotH) this week.

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