General Beta Notes

So I've had a couple days to run around in the beta; some stuff is in, some isn't, some is buggy.  A summary:

What's in:
  • Monk class
  • New talents/skills/glyphs (mostly)
  • AOE looting (which is awesome, btw, and I need to test if it works with the loot-a-rang)
  • Quests in the Jade Forest
  • Pandarens and their starting zone
  • New cloth and leather for gathering
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (instance)
  • Some new battle grounds, although I haven't tried them
What isn't in yet:
  • New crafting (or at least, not engineering)
  • Mining and herb nodes
  • Most mobs' loot tables in the Jade Forest
  • Most mobs' correct type (most beasts are humanoid, etc.)
  • Tamable mobs in the Jade Forest
  • Pet talents

What's sort of in, but not quite:
  • Pet battles - the interface is there, though you need to keybind it to see it, but I haven't been able to capture anything new yet.  You can see capturable critters, though, because when you mouse over them, you get a target cursor.
Frequently Asked Questions in the Jade Forest:
  • Portals are buggy and you may need a Rune of Teleportation to use them.
  • Wisdom of the Ages and Jinyu in a Barrel are both buggy and may not work if more than one person tries to do them at a time.  If there's a line, your best bet is to get in it.  There's probably still a chat channel for Jinyu in a Barrel (/riflechat).
  • There are several quest hubs (crash site (Horde), Chun Tian Monastery, Arboretum, the orchards, etc.), but the crash site quests chains you through to making friends with your NPC faction.
  • No flying on Pandaria until level 90.  (The skill is in your spellbook, waiting to be learned.)
  • Premades will need to get a mage to port them to Orgrimmar, or get a Rune of Teleportation from someone to use the portals until they fix them.
  • Currently only the Jade Forest is open, and you can't get to the other zones in Pandaria.
  • Current level cap is 86.
  • Hunter pets are bugged and appear at the size they were tamed.
  • You only have a mainhand and and offhand slot now - no ranged slot.  You can put ranged weapons in your mainhand slot, and if it's a wand, you can use an offhand item with it.
  • Once Nazgrim is at Hellscream's Hope, he's behind the tower.  (He just had an airship crash; cut him some slack.)

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