To-do list: update

Ok, the list was:
  • Take the rogue & the priest to Northrend & train professions (probably as soon as I get home) - DONE
  • Finish grinding inscription on the death knight (tonight or tomorrow) - DONE
  • Send leftover herbs to the rogue (right after the previous) - DONE
  • Get old world flight paths for the death knight (maybe Sunday) - already had them! woot!
  • Do the 225 Cooking quest on the death knight - Giant Egg (12), Zesty Clam Meat (10), Alterac Swiss (20) (whenever I do the previous) - DONE
  • Auction leftover cooking mats (after cooking is at 300) - DONE
  • Level death knight's Herbalism to 300 (while getting flight paths)
  • Take death knight to Thrallmar (after finishing Herbalism)
  • Buy first aid books for death knight (probably before I take the rogue to Northrend) - DONE
  • Send leftover cloth to the priest (after previous) - DONE
So all that's left is leveling the DK's herbalism and then taking her to Outland. I'm not going to do that for a while, though.

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