Even Marksman hunters have pets!

I started playing a hunter initially because I like combat at range, but I'm not that big on spell casters. Still, I'm fairly loyal to my pets, and on Bronzebeard, I'm currently running with the following:

Duskhawk has:
  • KitTabik (70) - a prairie wolf from Mulgore. First pet. I ran with "puppy" almost exclusively for a good year and a half, since the howl buff was okay and raiding in MC mostly meant standing there, pet at side, and spamming. He was never terrible for DPS. I occasionally tamed other things, such as the Clutch Mother or the rare black boar in the Blasted Lands, but I never really played with anything but puppy. Until...
  • Violet (70) - a (now former) guildie discovered the purple tallstriders in Terokkar shortly after they went in, which coincided roughly with when he got his flying mount and took a world tour. I immediately flew down and got one after he whispered me, and for quite a while I was getting whispers asking where Violet was from. I raided Karazhan with him for a long time, until I wanted to push my DPS up a bit (and was getting tired of buying bird food, when I was drowning in cooking/fishing daily foods), and then came...
  • Olin (70) - a snow leopard from Dun Morogh. He was level 8 when I got him; leveling him to 60 after the first pet XP change went pretty fast and made me 800g (thanks, Terokkar basilisks!). 60-70 took longer, but Olin was my regular raiding pet once he hit 70. He wasn't the first snow leopard I tried to tame; a level 6 gnome rogue killed that one. >.<
Then I got two more stable slots on Dusk, and the patch meant that all my pets I had before were now Ferocity pets. I decided I wanted a Tenacity and Cunning pet as well. The acquistions were...
  • Hadrian (70) - a Dun Morogh black bear. I like the Dun Morogh bestiary, apparently, as they have wolves similar to mine, as well. Of all the Tenacity pets, the bear was the option that interested me most. Hadrian has tanked the Headless Horseman, and when he was still level 65, we went into Zul'Gurub alone (with my husband who was doing battlegrounds making it a raid group) and killed off a couple croc packs so I could fish up Gahz'ranka for the achievement. (We, um, didn't survive post-fishing.)
  • Chad (70) - a spore bat from Zangarmarsh. He's one of the ones with the orange belly, and basically matches the Sporeggar pet. I'm not sure what I think of him yet for mechanics, but he's kind of pretty, and I wanted the armor debuff with the change to boss armor.
Mabs is an entirely different story for pets. Mabs only has Kitty, now 70, the basic nightsaber from Tel'drassil. I tamed him when he was level 5 or 6 and kept him forever. I bought her other stable slots so she could train pet skills, but other than once briefly having Humar, the pride lord, in the stable, they've been empty.

Duskmoon has the bright red cat from Eversong woods, one of the Springpaw Lynxes or some such. He's about at level with her, and is named Thirteen. Bright red cat... named Thirteen. Yes, it's a FF7 reference. Red XIII is my favorite character from that one. :P

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