Busy weekend!

So, after finishing off what I could of the DK's cooking and inscription, as well as what I had mats to do with my rogue's alchemy and the priest's tailoring and enchanting, I spent pretty much the entire weekend focused on Dusk.

Saturday I spent almost entirely in the Howling Fjord, with a couple side trips to Dragonblight for 'go talk to that person' quests. I did run Utgarde keep with guildies at one point; it looks amazing on the outside, but the inside? About as interesting as Blackrock Depths, without the benefit of the bar. Oh, and there was the incident with Frostblade Peak... I equipped my parachute cloak (I have +12 agi on my current cloak, and I don't want to lose that), but hit it too soon, and landed somewhere I couldn't reach to rez. It had popped me into the Grizzly Hills graveyard, so after spirit rezzing, I ran over the entirety of the Grizzly Hills for the exploration achievement. I got into a couple random groups for things like March of the Giants and Megalith, but mostly ran around solo. Whisper Gorge is also visually amazing.

Sunday I finished off the last 4 quests I needed for the Howling Fjord quest achievement, plus one extra that pushed me to 72. I then transported to Everlook and flew down to Orgrimmar for training. This was strategically planned so I could take the zeppelin up to Borean Tundra. I don't really like Warsong Hold - it's confusing to get around in, and the quarry made finding my way back inside confusing. The seige tank quests are fantastic, though - I was cackling. And Saurfang's rescue was awesome. The mist I initially didn't like, partly because I ran into it by accident, and got sidetracked into a different chain of quests, but it is, overall, pretty neat.

By and large, running around in the gear she is, things feel easy. I haven't upgraded anything yet - I probably could have swapped out the ring and necklace from the Utgarde quests, but ultimately decided not to. The ranged rewards are all still 20 points below the badge crossbow; but I haven't gotten out of the two starting zones yet, except for...

My trip to Sholazar Basin! It was getting late, and I decided to run around the rest of the Borean Tundra for the exploration achievement and the flight paths, and when I got done, I was right by the entrance to Sholazar. And I thought, hey, maybe I'll get the flight path there while I'm so close. I never found a flight path, but... the place was practically deserted. It was just me, my hammer-pick, and enough nodes of saronite to net me 44 ore. I can smelt it, but my engineering isn't to where I can use it yet. I did hit 73 off the quests in Coldarra, though, and I think when I get there, I can use the saronite arrows. It'll be nice, since I'm out of fel iron bolts, and I'd rather not have to buy more.

The only new skill I've picked up is Kill Shot, which has not impressed me. Yeah, it hits hard, but I tend to have to finish off stuff in melee range, and the old-style execute (requiring health below a certain %) means that I've actually managed to use it... twice. Most of the time it lights up as available right about when I've pulled aggro off my pet and the mob has hit melee range. For grinding, I'm not going to hit Disengage just to pop a Kill Shot. Arenas are another matter - that might be a good macro, actually...

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