So, my toons...

So, I have two level 70 marksman hunters on Bronzebeard: Duskhawk, a Tauren rolled in February 2006 when I went Horde full-time, and Mabs, my original Night Elf created on Easter 2005. Duskhawk is a goblin engineer (another of my... obsessions), and Mabs is my original dragonscale leatherworker, who paid 220g for the black dragonscale leggings pattern on the auction house, and accidentally deleted the 76g from auctioning the third pair she made. These aren't my only hunters, however. The others:
  • Duskmoon, a level 34 Blood Elf, rolled to be my jewelcrafter on Bronzebeard. You can see how far that's gotten in a year and a half. :P Duskmoon is theoretically going Beast Mastery, but we'll see how long that lasts. (Last time I was leveling her a bit, I mentioned how I needed people to remind me I didn't need three marksman hunters on one server, and one of the other officers put it in the GMotD for several days. >.>)
  • Kayera, a level 13 Troll on an RP server, rolled to try out RP. I haven't played her much since achievements kicked in.
  • Duskhawk the level 16 Draenei, rolled to try out the Draenei starting area and because Bronzebeard was down at the time.
  • Mabs the younger, a level 11 Night Elf rolled on a server where I had relatives playing (who subsequently transfered off, and as such, this toon is basically abandoned).
Those are all the hunters I remember having. >.> I may have a few others hanging out on servers where people I know offline play, but they're all level 1-4 or whatnot.

I do play other classes! I have (all on Bronzebeard)...
  • Level 70 Undead priest, Disc/Holy hybrid, emphasis on Disc. She'll probably be 40/31/0 at 80. Mooncloth tailor.
  • Level 70 Undead rogue, Subtlety. Pretty, pretty Subtlety. I'm as die-hard about the tree as I am about Marksman. Potion Alchemist.
  • Level 66 Orc shaman, Elemental. The 3-foot braid is awesome with the caster animations. Dragonscale leatherworker.
  • Level 52 Troll warrior, mostly Fury. She has the matched swords from Zul'Farrak, and will not be combining them. Swordsmith.
My bank toons are currently a level 30 Night Elf priest and a level 26 Blood Elf rogue. The Blood Elf has her own guild bank, because buying every vendored cooking pattern in the game for the future Death Knight (I don't get to install Wrath till I get home tonight) takes up a lot of space.

Right, no mages, no warlocks, no druids. The mage made it to level 11, the warlock to level 8, the druid to level 20; I just couldn't get into any of them.

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