Of spreadsheets

So, I downloaded the hunter spreadsheet off Elitist Jerks' forums this week. So far it's telling me that there was maybe 100 DPS difference between what I set up as my general use build and what I decided on for a raiding build. It's also telling me that the Chimera shot glyph really wasn't worth that 50g, because I'm probably going to switch it back to something else tonight. It also suggests that my gut instinct - to keep 2 points in Go For the Throat - was the right one - another change I'll take advantage of with the free reset tonight. I may even talk myself out of Hawkeye (one of the things I love dearly).

So... my raiding build may become even more optimized for raiding. Yay? Maybe it was worth the 1000g and the download...

It also suggests that the unbuffed DPS #'s I was seeing on the target dummy aren't totally off. Phew. Now I just need to learn to push buttons as well as Excel. >.<

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