Ah, leveling

Mabs hit 60 sometime in August 2005. Duskhawk hit 60 in May 2006. And since then my pre-60 leveling on hunters has been pretty sparse, the first 15 levels or so on the scattered baby hunters that were to try out a starting zone, or a server.

Now I'm leveling my baby hunter on Bronzebeard, the one that was to try out the blood elf zone and jewelcrafting. Having leveled one hunter 70-80 in Wrath already, I had gotten used to Volley. Uninterruptable Volley. Very used to it. Much of the past week has been an, "Oh, my God, when do I get Volley already?" haze. (At 40, apparently. Not that it's a huge help, with single-target pets and not having points in the uninterruptable talent yet.)

I soloed Shadowfang Keep on her last night at 40 (with the blue tallstrider from Ashenvale, heh) to clear out those quests from my log; sometime in the next couple days I'll probably hit up Razorfen Kraul, as well. (And hopefully get a group of some sort for Razorfen Downs, since I want the sword to offhand with the sword from the Scarlet Monastery quest.)

The early 'of the falcon' mail is stupidly expensive on Bronzebeard. Argh. I really don't have to make myself some Tough Scorpid leatherworking stuff. (I mean, seriously... Agility and Spirit? Who came up with that one?) Dustwallow has had unuseful quest rewards, though, so I'll probably hit up Tanaris (for the lucrative Zul'Farrak quests, at least) next.

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