Well, 3.1 is here. This means I'm going to have to accept that I'm not getting upgrades from Naxx-25, which is frustrating, because I really kinda sorta wanted the bracers off Grobbulus. Yes, of all the possible hunter drops in Naxx, for me, the bracers are what I wanted the most. The good news is that there's another similar pair of bracers in Ulduar-10. The bad news is that it's in 10, which means there won't be purchaseable bracers of iLVL 219, so I'm going to be relying on drops again.

Yeah, yeah, only four Naxx-25 Grobbulus kills in my stats. (42ish boss kills total? And nothing from them?) It's still frustrating. Maybe with the changes to Efficiency and Chimera Shot I'll be able to take the hit to mana (and the AP loss) and switch out to the Bands of Anxiety. Going to need to pick up a smidge of hit rating, though. Why do the Eaglebane Bracers have to be so all-around awesome?

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