The Return of Hunter's Mark

So I've been using a shot macro since like, Karazhan or Wrath sometime, when I realized I was not effectively using Steady Shot in my rotation.  The macro has changed a bit over the years, as shots available changed, haste plateaus affected it, and so forth.

So, Steady Shot is gone for me.  I don't really miss it - I like having Arcane Shot back, on demand, free and on the move.  I do miss the Aimed Shot mobility, but that's just a matter of retraining myself to stand still for it.  I've got Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Multi-Shot, and Marked Shot for core shots now, with Bursting Shot as an interesting kind of combination of Barrage and the old Scatter Shot.  I went with Murder of Crows for my regular set up, which I've been occasionally regretting when I go to farm old raids and forget that I can't just change it on the fly when I remember, after I'm there, that I kind of want it for that.  I love the crows, though, and it feels safer in raids and dungeons since my mastery increases my range now and I don't have as good a feel for how far back is safe to Barrage yet.

I went with Patient Sniper originally for its synergy with Sidewinders, realized that Sidewinders didn't feel safe enough for group use with the whole range issue (like Barrage), and switched it to Trick Shot.  Originally I had been using Steady Focus, but I felt like I was drowning in Focus with it, so I moved that over to Careful Aim.  Depending on how haste, gear changes, and such affect it while leveling, I may switch it back.

Since I can't just easily switch between two Marksman specs (I was dual-MM again for the last while of Warlords) to go back and forth between having Lone Wolf or not for various fights in raids, I'm not sure I'm going to use it much.  I've got Binding Shot slotted, but I might switch over to Camouflage for general use.  I miss Freezing Trap, but Binding Shot doesn't really replace it.

So what does all this mean for the macro?  Short answer: the macro is dead.  I could throw something together, maybe - Aimed, Arcane, Marked, Aimed has a decent chance of regularly applying and exploiting Marked Shot and Vulnerability based on how the proc rate for Hunter's Mark seems to work out right now.  It wouldn't be sure-fire, though, and it would get hung up on Marked Shot any time Hunter's Mark failed to proc.  I'd have to do a similar one for Multi-Shot, as well, for AOE situations.

So what am I doing instead?  Marked Shot already lights up when it's usable, and Multi and Arcane light up when Hunter's Mark application is ready to go.  This means I need to remind myself to use Crows, Trueshot, and Aimed Shot besides when Lock and Load procs.  Crows and Trueshot are easy Weak Auras, and I set one up for Vulnerability to light up Aimed Shot when my target is vulnerable.  Button glow works fairly well as a cue for me.  (Anything audio or flashing is bad for my sensory input issues.)  So this is what I'm looking at now:

I switched from Binding Shot to Camouflage by the time I got to taking this screennshot.

However, this isn't ideal for someone who uses the mouse for the bulk of their abilities - it means I'm watching the action bar a lot more.  I can't play with straight keybinds for abilities on the left hand in a raid/dungeon situation for more than about an hour without aggravating the joints in my hand (probably arthritis), so mouse is preferred for something I play a lot.  (Sadly this is why I don't tank more - I do play that with left-hand keybinds.)  For my priest, since she's usually focused on health bars anyway, it just means clustering everything in one area of the screen.  I've done a decent amount of raid tactical calls as a hunter, though, from add calls to doing things like the conveyor belts in Siege of Orgrimmar.  Hopefully I can adjust to the point I don't have to watch the bars too much.

All that said, I'm enjoying the playstyle of apply Hunter's Mark, apply Vulnerable, nuke with Aimed Shot (currently from 46 yards out). And I helped my mom tame an explosive sheep last weekend, even though I had to swap to Survival to do it because of the Freezing Trap changes.  I'll live without the macro.

Now I just have to figure out how to track Atonement in larger raids, and I'm good to go...

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