Beta Notes: Part 9

Another night, another round of beta notes!  Spoilers, of course.  Notes in bold, comments after.

Starting to get spoiled by bag cleanup. I'm still not 100% okay with its sorting - face it, I'm a librarian, I have training in categorizing stuff, and other people's taxonomies sometimes irk me - but it's mostly okay.

Seriously, yeah, it's taken me how many years to be most okay with the changes in Windows My Documents/"Libraries" stuff?  I sort my stuff the way I sort them, and I still think they need a cataloger to fix their auction house categories but... pushing a button and having all the ore of the same type stack next to each other is really nice.

The reagent bank is pretty nice, and I'm looking forward to doling out some of my hoarded materials off my bank toon - old cloth, etc., and freeing up some space. My rogue has all the old herbs stock (one stack of each, just in case), so she's getting back basically two bag slots. Same with my enchanter, who has two bags of enchanting mats banked. Some stuff - elemental mats and the like - will be harder to decide who gets to hold them. I'm not going to be getting rid of my bank toon because she also has a couple tabs full of things like "stuff to auction" and "holiday items/clothes," but she's going to free up a couple tabs.

My bank toon is also parked by the auction house, which is going to be handier depending where they decide to plop the "return to Azeroth" option.

Ohhhh I had forgotten to turn back on target-of-target. I've been so confused.

Frostwolves or Thundercats. You decide.

Yeah, I'm too lazy to get off my mount and open gates. I hope this gap in my garrison wall doesn't go away when I upgrade it.  Okay, the upgraded garrison's gates are just open.  Tactically this doesn't seem to be an improvement.

I seem to sometimes randomly log in places other than where I logged out.  I logged out of my garrison by the alchemy lab and logged back in outside the gates.  o.O

Hm, alchemy work orders don't seem to pull from the reagent bank.  Not sure if that's a bug or just need to put in a suggestion.  I put it in regardless.

Ah, crud, I've basically invited the Apothecarium into my garrison.  I've never trusted the Apothecarium, even if I do have two Forsaken alchemists.

o.O WTF is the Amperial Construct for?  I don't know, but the Ethereal dude rents them to me.

Weird clipping in the mine cutscene.  One of those "flying through the walls" kind of things.

I like all the random little easter-eggy type quests.  There's lots of random stuff to pick up.  Being a completionist for things like maps and quests, I like this kind of stuff.

Yay, they fixed rest state in the town hall.  You can treat your town hall like an inn now.  Which is good, since you have an innkeeper.  It surprises me how many people don't realize logging out somewhere you have rest state is an immediate logout, without waiting the 20 seconds.

LOL, need to reset my hearth, I'm hearthing to where the town hall was.  Hearthed out into the middle of my garrison.

OMG the saberons are snow leopard people. I WANT TO PLAY ONE.  I really like snow leopards.  My main raiding cat is a snow leopard.

Saberons!  They had worgen models until this build.

Just some extra screenshots:

Draenor, a.k.a. the Great Blue Square.

Hey look, there's a world boss on the map down there.

Huh. '80s wrestlers?

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