In three colors!

You (probably) won't see it anywhere else, so here's my tallstrider family:

The mount is from the Darkmoon Faire, the hunter pet is the Clutchmother, and the pet-pet is the Mulgore Hatchling.  I've gotten as many questions about where to get the mount as I got when I first tamed the identical strider back during the Burning Crusade.  I named mine Violet way before the Faire did, though:

Tracking and aspects on the toolbars, Mongoose Bite, Viper Sting, Scorpid Sting, mana potions, quiver...  Yeah, that was Burning Crusade.  Also, I appear to be on fire in that particular screenshot.  Ahem.  I don't even remember the name of the DPS addon I'm using there.  Something pre-Recount.

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