I write a lot of stuff that I never finish, or that I never come back to before it becomes outdated or irrelevant. So here's a sample of stuff I've thought about putting here, or started, and didn't actually ever get to press:
  • An abbreviations guide: All those dungeons and such that you see fly by in Trade chat and don't know what they mean for three or four months - LBRS, Strat, ICC, and so forth. With "how do I get there?" and "when can I run that?"
  • "Casualcore Raiding": About a casual guild doing progression raiding. I may come back to this when our raiding starts up again.
  • How do I get back to Pit of Saron from the graveyard?: With screen shots.
  • How do I find x, y, and/or z in Cataclysm?: Derailed by buying a house.
There's other stuff - a Cataclysm hunter leveling guide, stuff like that. Once we get moved and all that, I'll see what questions I see recurring in Trade and General chats and maybe put some of that together. (Face it: I'm a librarian. I compulsively answer questions.)

(Holy crap I don't have a miscellaneous tag?! I do now!)

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