Beta Adventures, Part 5

The notes from the 5th beta adventure session:

Nespirah's floor is glitchy. Can't do the quest to communicate with her.

Can't loot mining nodes. (Relogging to see if it fixes it.)

Ok, at least got Nespirah to work. The floor is still like Swiss Cheese, though.

Haha, Obsidian requires a forge to smelt.

Ok, the crabs have all fallen through the floor in Nespirah. Going elsewhere.

Hey, kvaldir dudes.

Ooo, Ruins of Vashj'ir.

Ok, going to go wait for a crab and see if that works. Meh, I'll go find the instances.

Oooo... IN the whirlpool.

I think I know *why* they're making 310% fly speed trainable - the old world is friggin' HUGE.

Ok, in the Throne of Tides.

Holy God, I like this new Multi-Shot AOE. It's like shooting a fistful of arrows at a group.

Hey, a cut scene.

Level 82!

Apparently the squid at the end of Throne of Tides is bugged.

Mining Elementium. :D

Whoops - alt+tab/click to move/fatigue line.

Ten minute flight paths still, heh.

Trained up, set my hearth to the Valley of Wisdom.

Into Deepholm! The obsession with whirlpools is unexpected but somehow amusing.

Mining past 500 - I can do rich elementium now.

Deleting my cache to see if I can get the bugged items to work.

Deepholm is gorgeous. I love the alabaster.

I just mined an elemental for Savage Leather. I MINED FOR LEATHER. WTF?

Holy shit, Myzrael!

Ah, damn, the Gorged Gyreworms can't be tamed.

Hahahaha... Ok, so there's a quest you're supposed to jump onto a griffin from the airship in Deepholm. I disconnected right as I jumped and sailed off into the air. Log in: Parachute Cloak for the win!

And people wonder why I want to roleplay a Dwarven Shaman. Dude!

And off to raid!

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