Room to Run

So, I saw Rotface for the first time last Saturday, and Toravon last night. (Neither of them died.) What struck me the most about both fights is how crunched I feel for space.

I think I'm actually nostalgic for Molten Core.

The first thing that comes to mind is Golemagg's room, actually, although most of Molten Core had plenty of room for all the bosses. Sure, you had more people, but really - space management is a huge part of both fights.

For Rotface, you have to kite the slimes, stay out of the ooze puddles in the corners, and not stand in the spewing. It's actually the ooze puddles in the corners that cause me the most problems. When Rotface is being tanked in the middle of the room, my 5-yard minimum means I can't just stack up on his leg to not be taking damage; I have to move. This can be problematic when he spews. Maybe I should just be switching groups.

Toravon was a huge frustration for multiple reasons, not the least of which was that his Frozen Orbs weren't properly despawning after each wipe - instead, the ones that were up when we wiped remained on the floor as corpses... forever. Once you have a dozen or so up, trying to distinguish live orbs from dead ones was very disorienting. Additionally, moving away from three orbs in that space while trying to kill them was a pain. Kiting them like Drakkisath in UBRS (up the hall) might work out better.

I'm kinda glad Survival's Sniper Training isn't distance-related - they'd be screwed if staying at least 30 yards away were still required. (Not that I'm ever likely to play Survival, but I was jealous of that talent when I first saw it - similarly to how I was upset when Hawkeye got moved over there.)

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