The Betrayer and the Sun King

Yes, I totally stole the blog title from an Echoes of War track. It's totally relevant, though - go check out my five most recent achievements.

Friday night I came home and got like, three whispers asking me if I wanted in on a Kil'Jaeden kill in Sunwell. (M'uru was apparently still a bitch, and I am to be glad I missed it.) I was amused to see Velen show up at the end - we've been killing him on a weekly basis for a month now.

So Sunday, after a fizzled attempted at killing the king in Ironforge (I think after a month they're finally on to us, and we were running light), we headed to the Black Temple to see Illidan. We apparently skipped two phases. (The raid leader kept saying about how he's going to transform into a big demon - no, no... we went straight from flaming sword elementals to ohai, Maiev!)

We had planned to just run Black Temple, but someone mentioned Hyjal, so we headed there next. (Port to Dalaran -> portal to Caverns of Time. Nice and fast.) Hyjal... was not fast. Stupid undead waves. /tap

Ulduar-25 is scheduled for Sunday nights, but we were on a roll, and the vote was to do Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep. We hit up Lady Vashj first - the fight would have gone faster if we didn't have to wait for orbs to drop. Then we fished up the Lurker Below for good measure and trucked ourselves over to Netherstorm.

Tempest Keep's trash was much less painful than I remembered from our past forays in there. There was a brief pause to ooo and aah at A'lar, and then we headed up to Kael'thas's room. The fight wasn't bad - we burned the advisers so fast we had to stop and wait for the speech timer to catch up. However, burning through the mind control phase too quickly apparently confused Kael a bit much, and he went all glowy from the waist up and got... stuck. We tried having the people he had "aggro" on die (yay pallies with Divine Intervention), but that didn't help, so we all hearthed, and the pallies (who popped back conveniently at the graveyard by the summoning stone) summoned us back so we could try again.

This time we followed the old Onyxia video - "DPS really ******* slowly" - and things went off fine, and he switched phases smoothly. No Ashes, though. We hit up A'lar on the way out for good measure.

So, that's another achievement done (Outland Raider) that I never expected to get done.

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