Speaking of Raiding...

We went into 25-man Sartharion last night with 23 people (22 at the last boss because of a connection issue). Six druids; one hunter. (I think four or five shaman.) Raid makeup phenomena aside, we one-shotted all the drakes and Sartharion himself. (I died at about 25% because I somehow ended up tanking all the little flame guys. >.< Go go magic Volley aggro.) It was the third time I'd been in there, the first time I'd seen the 25-man version (first time the guild had, actually), and the 2nd time I'd actually seen the Sartharion fight. I got the 22-slot bag last week. This week I got the 25-man badge bag. :) After that, we broke down into two 10-man raids and killed him twice more. (Dragon fights have always been popular with us, I guess.) I could actually really use the gloves - any gloves, actually, since I'm still wearing S4 gloves - but I really like the place overall. (Onyxia is my favorite old-world raid. Magtheridon was my favorite TBC raid.)

My DPS numbers averaged around 2000 overall, dropping to 1700 on some of the 10-man drakes (I think I lost Strength of Earth in that group) and pushing around 2400 on Tenebron in the 25-man (we don't do the portal, and I popped my Speed potion).

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